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The LPRCC members interested in speedboats have chosen the Traxxax Spartan.  The Spartan comes ready to run (almost).  The package included the boat and its related hardware as well as a transmitter.  Most Spartans come with batteries but not a battery charger.  Some of the latest Spartan packages include high performance LIPO (lithium polymer) batteries.  With the LIPO batteries the boats have been clocked (via GPS) at over 50 mph.

There are currently 6 Spartan boats in the LPRCC lineup.  The Club has set up a course near the paddleboat dock on the south side of the lake in the Lake Providence community.  The boats typically run between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm On Tuesday each week, depending on the weather and the personal schedules of the speedboat owners.  During that block of time the Club has exclusive use of the lake because of the obvious hazard of model boats traveling at 50 mph.  Exclusive use of the lake was granted by the Lake Providence Board of Directors several years ago.

The Club has an unwritten rule that the Spartan boats must only be run with the factory motor and electronics.  While stronger motors are available the size of the lake and the layout of the course make the stock setup more than adequate for the racing done by Club members.

Use of the lake is limited to Del Webb Lake Providence residents and their invited guests.  If you live outside our Community and have an interest in joining us on Tuesdays please contact Bob Shivley at  If you would like to experience operating one of these speedboats please contact Bob ahead of time to make sure there will be racing that day.  We are always willing and ready to give someone the opportunity to operate one of our boats.

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