This club serves the Lake Providence Community by providing Radio Control enthusiasts with knowledge and camaraderie through a common interest in the sport. Club members’ interests include sailboats, speedboats, other water craft, fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters. Membership is open to all Lake Providence residents. Annual dues are $25.00.

Club Positions

President – Paul Nielander
Sailing Coordinator – Bill Snyder
Speedboat Coordinator – Bob Shively
Aircraft Coordinator –
Past President – Bob Shively
Webmaster – Paul Nielander

Membership is open to all Lake Providence residents. Annual dues are $25.00.

Scheduled Club Activities

  • Monthly Business Meeting – First Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, in the Flex Room
  • Competitive Sailing – Every Friday and Sunday at 1:00 PM at our lake. Contact Bill Snyder 615-707-9338 for more information
  • Competitive Speedboat Races – Every Tuesday at 3:00 PM (2:00 PM in the winter) at our lake.  Contact Bob Shively    615-788-1895 for more information.
  • Outdoor Flying – At Kaelin Field, Peeler Park
  • Indoor Flying – mid September – mid May (except school holidays) Every Wednesday at 1:00 PM at the gym at Charlie Daniels Park ($2.00 fee).
 Upcoming events

Club Safety Practices

Aircraft Park Flyer Program (ref: Academy of Model Aeronautics)
Park Flyer Definition
Park flyer models will weigh 2 pounds or less and be incapable of reaching speeds greater than 60 mph. They must be electric or rubber powered, or of any similar quiet means of propulsion.  Models should be remotely controlled or flown with a control line, remain within the pilot’s line of sight at all times, and always be flown safely by the operator.
Safe Operating Recommendations
·         *Inspect your model before every flight to make certain it is airworthy.
·         *Be aware of any other radio frequency user who may present an interference problem.
·         *Always be courteous and respectful of other users of your selected flight area.
·         *Choose an area clear of obstacles and large enough to safely accommodate your flying activity.
·         *Make certain this area is clear of friends and spectators prior to launching your aircraft.
·         *Be aware of other activities in the vicinity of your flight path that could cause potential    conflict.
·         *Carefully plan your flight path prior to launch.


Speedboat Rules for Use of Lake

The RC Club and the Lake Committee have worked with the BOD to establish a time for exclusive use of lake each week to operate model speedboats. The concern is that the high speed model boats may pose a risk for paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.
The allotted exclusive time is every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The agreement with the BOD was that the speedboat owners could ask passenger carrying craft to cease their use of the lake during that period. If there were no speedboats in use during that time slot then the lake was open for normal use. Conversely if there were no paddle boats, etc. on the lake then speedboats could use the lake until one or more of those craft was in use.

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